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Lots for [10/05/19] Solid Rock Angus - Complete & Total Dispersal

* Prices listed are unofficial. Contact seller for official sale results

1 4b01b141e96175afbf6042f6ceb6b441 Lot 1

Sold for $16,500.00

1a 6d51cf5bf6bfb4dd2d853dcb529dc96c Lot 1a

Sold for $3,750.00

1b 1620be7ec8c75d2b513d5af7278a06b8 Lot 1b

Sold for $8,000.00

1c aa2f1d78c1836df5e130244bc2416c5d Lot 1c

Sold for $7,000.00

1d 22284b344befa22ee7c478599b90fe66 Lot 1d

Sold for $1,200.00

1e 15fac28138ac9be15beec621c925ff8b Lot 1e

Sold for $5,000.00

1f 1423fc2187cc8463ac16d0a5e119fd74 Lot 1f

Sold for $2,250.00

1g 74adaccdf2baafbffc91831a3eea6782 Lot 1g

Sold for $2,250.00

1h 23cad677822f57598975d9b2111392cd Lot 1h

Sold for $2,000.00

1i a5be710badcfb5c859ca0e348cdbdfbf Lot 1i

Sold for $300.00

1j 52996763ab2076e037031eb417c418de Lot 1j

Sold for $300.00

1k 8942919fc8fdc34a5ad06ea0ef9d1e8d Lot 1k

Sold for $350.00

2 6b8682db023f702fd07288314013c089 Lot 2

Sold for $21,500.00

2a 81776a4216490e1bfc309b4078d5cd2d Lot 2a

Sold for see lot 2

2b 466b439497a9755b3a9f33dfd2f19018 Lot 2b

Sold for $600.00

2c 09a65911a652e800b7d103a2696e51d5 Lot 2c

Sold for $600.00

2d 47e2b129da8c09064a77442a0342235e Lot 2d

Sold for $600.00

4 8d44ae2c69d13e90373d6fd766a72855 Lot 4

Sold for $20,000.00

4a ed9ac130461ae46a69148585a8db5f0c Lot 4a

Sold for $6,500.00

4b 1c65c3915c64e8ca3c5597645e0fddac Lot 4b

Sold for $700.00

4c a00d21f5256bf990f82f19cc544e5221 Lot 4c

Sold for $600.00

4d 7e1a61ee4c2e102e8027595f42b73977 Lot 4d

Sold for $550.00

4e d7e6352bdc287a0a977ce68a34bb51e7 Lot 4e

Sold for $500.00

4f 508b521df0f922a2336b1ba9e92e77e5 Lot 4f

Sold for $600.00

7a 0afc1c3106e31b8ac7e6bd237e7ce5b9 Lot 7a

Sold for $1,750.00

7b fd102dedaa2d1144bacd40ef439a7b96 Lot 7b

Sold for $1,750.00

7c 567f0643c6042d05cb5da27bf0aad9ea Lot 7c

Sold for $600.00

7d 83e9264d9a6766cdf29212941e6af95e Lot 7d

Sold for $600.00

6a 47c203bd9b89da4e33d77b837dace53f Lot 6a

Sold for $12,750.00

6b c241694ac28949fc6e15c91bbcd2e5d8 Lot 6b

Sold for $2,250.00

6c ab1f8f518216f66412abc349ccf13d66 Lot 6c

Sold for $500.00

6d 81160c6ab97c248303c20a94bc5f4d49 Lot 6d

Sold for $1,500.00

6e 87294c4c2f1dbb1b91b69b3c0cd2fa22 Lot 6e

Sold for $500.00

6f 4b756e14fc07150956e8f8de30f1d4f7 Lot 6f

Sold for $500.00

100 b39b857d1b30a03890b9dcd453a91718 Lot 100

Sold for $12,500.00

100a fa692b1ad0e9778f933a73285ce73bc3 Lot 100a

Sold for $12,500.00

14 f8020fc53dae3df3f31dc97445ab1473 Lot 14

Sold for $10,000.00

5 eb6a682c4087981d33d8f5944fdd466c Lot 5

Sold for $4,000.00

5b 71f52980d3d82bfb1441a11c20cfd8ab Lot 5b

Sold for $2,500.00

5a 1b0cb58d59b41abe047623a3f3298156 Lot 5a

Sold for $400.00

99 b3fabe574975ef2a08953be5d8ef3d06 Lot 99

Sold for $5,000.00

99a b3fabe574975ef2a08953be5d8ef3d06 Lot 99a

Sold for $5,000.00

99b fa35ef6065dcbaa07050dd7ed86b7459 Lot 99b

Sold for $2,750.00

9 11f12b6a91aaefa3337ec25efd6d092c Lot 9

Sold for $2,500.00

9a c29245f28692ace3cd6f2f446680cfaf Lot 9a

Sold for $2,500.00

9b 791109727ae7b4f538d912783c885b2c Lot 9b

Sold for $550.00

9c 6235bc92231f6bb2579cc674c7187db0 Lot 9c

Sold for $300.00

8 c7a37476f75d25faccf3211b50a2b937 Lot 8

Sold for $6,000.00

8aa c2d1a8f94ee5bd3fd92672b624a6fe24 Lot 8aa

Sold for see lot 8

8a e7d3b2cf6f03443980b7af2c42b1d6c4 Lot 8a

Sold for $1,500.00