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There are 3 great ways to buy and sell Angus cattle and genetics on Angusauctions.com


1. Live Auction Broadcast

This service allows online buyers to watch live streaming video and hear live audio from production sales located across the country. Online viewers that have completed our bidding approval process can also participate in the auction, by placing bids through our secure system while the auction is happening.  The bid amount is also displayed in our "bid scrolling" bar, allowing online viewers to watch as it progresses. A high speed internet connection is required to successfully bid in this manner.


2. Online Bidoff

This marketing method allows producers to offer cattle and genetics in a timed-auction, "Ebay" style approach. The lots will stay open for a designated amount of time, allowing interested bidders to place bids at their convenience. Bidders can place a bid which is just high enough to be the current "high bidder", or they can leave a bid for the maximum amount they are willing to place, and the system will represent that bid up to that amount as other bidders submit amounts. The lots will close electronically at a set closing time, indicated on the schedule and auction details. If there is bidding activity within 5 minutes of the set closing time, the lot will remain open. The lot will stay open, as long as there is bid activity every 5 minutes.


3. Online Bidoff with Live Close

Combining the best elements of options 1 and 2, this method begins with the structure of the online bidoff, but at the set designated closing time, a live auctioneer logs in to "close" the lots that are up for sale. Online viewers will be able to bid live on the lots, while watching videos, pictures, and pedigree info on that lot.

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